Evolution™ for Microsoft® Windows®

Centralizing efforts for porting Novell Evolution to the Microsoft Windows platform.


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Welcome to the Evolution for Windows® Project

What do we want to achieve?

The aim of this project is to port to Microsoft® Windows® the Novell® Evolution™ groupware client, as well as its dependencies. As a by-product of this efforts, as we advance in our work, we would like to put at the disposal of the community Windows® ports of the different libraries necessary in order to build a Windows® version of the Evolution groupware client.

How do we want to proceed?

First, we would like to appeal to developers interested in the Windows® port of Evolution to subscribe to our developer mailing list. The discussions in this list will form a base of our TODO list, a roadmap of steps that have to be achieved before we can have a working Windows® port of Evolution.In this phase, we will also try to collect information about the eventual work done by others and examine the possibility to centralize these efforts.

In the second phase, we will work out the TODO list and release the intermediary results. For every library, we will try to make commit upstream our patches that are necessary to build it on Windows®.