Evolution™ for Microsoft® Windows®

Centralizing efforts for porting Novell Evolution to the Microsoft Windows platform.


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Project Development

Project Page & Mailing List

For more information, visit our project page and/or subscribe our mailing list.

Build Enviroment

Evolution for Windows is currently using the build enviroment in MinGW. MinGW provides a fully functioning GNU build toolchain, but produces native executables that work without MinGW.

Download Link: http://www.mingw.org/download.shtml

You will need to download the MinGW runtime, MSYS, and MSYS Development Toolkit.

Other Tools

The version of Perl in MSYS-DTK is insufficient for many reasons (impossible to build XML::Parser against) for example. However, you can download Perl 5.8.6 self-extracting archive here. Simply extract to C:/

The GNU Autotools (Autoconf/Automake) don't play well with Perl 5.8.6 by default. However, you can download patched versions here. Extract to wherever /bin in MSYS mounts to. This can also be useful with people who have ActivePerl. It also provides a /bin/perl which is a wrapper against the Perl in C:/Perl/bin/perl.exe. You may have to delete /bin/perl.exe for this to work.

Development Packages

The Evolution for Windows project is currently developing pre-built development packages. The following packages are planned for release in the upcoming days: